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Friday, April 4, 2008

"A Girls Life, With Highlights"

So trumpeted the front page of the NY Times Style section yesterday. It seems bold, chunky highlights, are all the rage with the 6-12 set. Excuse me???

I am outraged and bitter...not at the media's part in inducing beauty hysteria, to the pre-teen set. Not at the over indulgent Mom's, who just dont say, "NO". Not at the chemical damage to virgin tresses (and we will no doubt see in article way down the road, that highlights, like potato chips, may induce cancer). Whatever happened to dabbling with Sun-In and a blowdryer at 14?

No, what makes me really cranky, is that I am now going to be competing for fanny space at the hair salon with the Hannah Montana set. Is nothing sacred? Isn't it bad enough that they are invading our nail salons? I know it's not rational, children are technically, "paying" customers, but when I have to wait a half hour for a pedicure because every chair is filled with a 9 year old on a booster seat, I seeth. Will they never know the joys of dabbling with Tinkerbell nail polish? Must their first polish be the same shade as mine?

The times reported that salon owners and stylists are ecstatic with the spike in revenue, this new demographic will produce. I am all for anything legal that will give a boost to the economy. If this is more than a passing trend, I am praying that the "Toadly Kool Me" salon, (of Fayetteville, North Carolina), will franchise and start dotting the landscape like Dunkin Donuts...why shouldn't children have their own beauty sanctuaries? Think of the possibilities...mock Brazilians, eyelash extensions, collagen facials.

Note to the suits at the Treasury; forget Wall is a no fail bail out for the economic woes of the nation. Little girls...and don't worry, this type won't grow up and morph into Hillary... She didn't get a decent do until she hit 50.

Fess I alone here???



  1. Mock Brazilians? Sister you are mad funny! FYI your lovely niece, my darling daughter, had her first mani at the age of 3. It was Mommy and me time for my little Princess. Did I tell you she finally quit biting her nails and now has the loveliest proud!

  2. Delighted to hear our girl has stopped biting her nails down to her knuckles. I was quite a muncher too, as well you know. Mother cured me with a topical poison called "DONT", $1.00 for every nail that you could see over the bed palm side and a manicure. Sometimes I dream that they all break or my teeth fall out...what do you think Dr. Freud would think about that?
    (Btw- Nailtiques #2 is still in my book, gold standard. My nails are like granite.




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