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Friday, April 25, 2008

If We Only Had a Brain...

I readily admit it... I am a New York Times snob, (even though it is now thinning to the size of my hometown Gazette). No matter what city, state or country I am in, I am happiest, when my morning coffee and Times are in lock step... Business, Science, Arts, Home and Maureen Dowd, inform, enrich and amuse me, but Thursday and Sunday Styles, share a pipeline to my soul and now, my blog.

This Thursday, the main story was on the surprising longevity of the dress trend, despite the fact that the fashion editors are nudging us towards wide leg, pleated pants. Dresses were a huge trend last summer, particularly the empire "baby doll". Though better left to the twenty something set, it was widely embraced. I thought I looked cool and fetching when I wore it to a patio dinner at our club on a particularly hot night...My husband, who rarely complains (or compliments, so it's even), asked me to kindly incinerate it, when we got home. OOOPS!

The thrust of the article was, that despite the editors prodding, women have, gasp! a mind of their own and are still wearing dresses this summer. There may be some element of truth to fact that dresses can make us feel sexy, retro and modern, all at the same time, but I think they missed the guts of why women like to buy and wear dresses; they are brainless. A dress is a simple, two step operation...frock and shoe. No shirt, blouse, tee, sweater, jacket, coat or hose coordination required. Two pieces...out the door, crisp and tidy. My closet is studded with them...(minus one). I find the mental freedom to be a chef or a waitress, I suddenly have one less thing to think about...I will be in my summer uniform, and no matter what, I am sticking with it....

Whose with me???


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  1. Me! I love wearing a great dress for every reason you pinned down. The best? Going from work to play in a dress, exchange ballerina flats for a sexy slide and GO!



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