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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Don't Forget Your Vitamins

I am a fan of 3 seasons only...spring, summer and fall. In my book, the only purpose winter serves, is providing tastier clothing and outerwear options...a good coat, may be the only thing keeping me from a home in the Everglades.

I know it is counter intuitive to undo a winter's worth of Retin-A, glycolic acid peels, Hydroquinone, serums, toners, exfoliaters, day creme, night creme, (we all scream for youth cream). But, it can't be denied...nothing feels quite as good as soaking up the early rays of the season. Is there anyone one the planet who doesn't look more relaxed with a little natural glow????

Over the years, I have tried countless sprays, gels, towelettes, auto bronzants and the newer cremes that "tan" gradually. No question, self tanner has come a long way from our carrot hued QT teens. But let's be honest...fake bake does it's best work on skin with a little col-lah.

And so, I rationalize...What's wrong with a nice big dose of bone strengthening vitamin D??? Even the American Cancer Society will back us up for 15 minutes a day... Would it be so bad if we maximized that time without a drop of sun protection?

'Fess up... and not a peep from you parasoled, spf 60 sissies. What is better than a sunny day on a comfy lounge chair, a tall ice coffee and the latest magazine du jour? Nothing Honey. Gotta go now...paradise awaits me.


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