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Monday, April 7, 2008

Maybe It Is Maybelline

Like most people, I love a winner. I always look forward to reading the results of beauty polls, with favorites selected in different categories, by top editors, make up artists and readers alike. The Glam Network, Town & Country and Allure, all do a nice job of it.

A perennial favorite in the "under eye concealer category" is YSL's famed, Touche Eclat. It has a creamy consistency, with a slightly pearly glow. It is neatly distributed from a click pen dispenser, onto a small nylon brush, (perfect for getting into the inner corner of the eye). It is in effect, concealer and highlighter in one. Genius, theoretically. I have used it in the past, when it was only available in one shade. The experts say, "concealer should be no more than two shades lighter than your foundation". Maybe that is why it never looked right on someone who self tans nightly, adds a few drops of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer to her (already darker than suggested) foundation and finishes with Guerlain Bronzing Powder, the dreaded "raccoon eye", was inevitable. Still, more than once I could not resist the lure. My last attempt, was to try one of the two other shades that are now available. #2, was developed for the "Asian" market (read; slightly yellower in tone). Thinking this will probably be better than the light pinkie beige (#1), I test it, but it looks all wrong. #3 is much deeper, almost a tan shade. Defying logic and reason I purchase it anyway. The next morning, I click the dispenser, as directed, 60 times, to get my Touche in gear... apply and hope for the best. Unfortunately my face is one shade and it is Belgian waffle. Why, oh why, am I stalking this product? I am clueless, poorer and I still need an under eye concealer.

I dash into my beloved CVS, and see that they are having a Maybelline sale. Though I can't remember what I ate for lunch, I have instant recall that their, "Instant Age Rewind" Double Face Perfection concealer, has been winning it's own raves. It has two ends, one for concealer, the other for highlighting. Sounding good, almost touche good. I select the lighter of the two mediums and hope for the best. Having purchased a new lipstick, once a week, for the last 30 years, with my eyes closed, I choose Maybelline's Rum Raisin Moisture Extreme, spf 15 lipstick, giving it less thought than a pack of chewing gum.

Well, here's the really good part; both products are superb! The concealer is the perfect shade, has just the right amount of coverage and is light and creamy. The highlighter, has a familiar nylon brush applicator and does succeed in adding a subtle glow. I am in love! The next delight is the lipstick. There is a certain lip balmy quality that I adore in a lipstick, deeply moisturizing, but with a serious deposit of lasting color...I have never found this quality in a mass lipstick and I am overwhelmed at my good fortune.

So spread the joy girls, maybe it is Maybelline...


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