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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Send Me to New York Fashion Week

Send Me to New York Fashion Week

Send Me to New York Fashion Week by divadebbi 

Besides being my  playground for creating the fashion sets that I often post on my blog, Polyvore is also one of the worlds largest retail fashion websites.

Fashion Week Spring 2014 is just a few weeks away, but already I'm starting to plan what I will be wearing.  Everything should appear effortless, but like countless other Fashionistas, it's  carefully choreographed dance.

Polyvore is running a contest to be selected to represent them at Fashion Week.  FW is not for sissies, so I'm hoping my being seasoned at attending and reporting on it , will work to my advantage.

Fingers crossed please...

My entry above highlights 'Pastels', a strong Fall Trend from many of the European houses.  Pale pinks, peaches and blues were often shown as outerwear.  

I like them best paired back to black, navy and grey, as a pop of color.  Keeping the lines and the accessories crisp and linear will read chic instead of sweet.

I hate sweet...


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