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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review: Too Faced La Creme Lipstick

Too Faced La Creme

I am utterly blessed with some world class Girl friends.  Life without them would be unimaginable.  One of the most special bonds I share is with the women I grew up with in Great Neck, Long Island.

Our town was very different from the one it has become. Though it was a fairly homogeneous affluent Jewish Community, we were oblivious to who had what, skin color or ethnicity.  Our biggest concern was who was going to win the annual North-South football game, (North of course...) and what party we were attending on Saturday night.

I spent part of this week with two of my GN besties, Barbara and Alison.  Alison lives in  Massachusetts, so we spent some time in the neighboring town of Wellesley, which is utterly charming.

I was amused to see how many of my DivaDebbi picks dotted Alison's dressing table. Alison is an actress and will be filming next week. She was in search of a good, lightweight primer, so we stopped into the next best thing to Sephora, a little gem of a shop called Beauty and Main.

The owner has some seriously good taste in skincare and makeup with the likes of luxurious brands like Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy, Too Faced, Nutura Bisse, Darphin, Murad and Fresh.


Alison ended up with a new Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, (that I was offered from LM to review, but since I'm a little primer heavy at the moment took a pass on it.  I will definitely be getting Alison's take, particularly since it will be worn for film purposes).

Naturally, I couldn't leave empty handed either...
I am a Too Faced fan, and I was intrigued by the elegantly shaped applicators of their new La Creme series.  They have broken the line of 20 colors down to 5 families; nudes, spices (usually synonymous), pinks, reds and berries.

They are both Vegan friendly and Paraben free. Infused with Lotus Flower Extract, peptides and anti-oxidants, they are deeply pigmented yet will drench your lips in moisture.

I zeroed in on Cinnamon Kiss, from the Spice family, which is unusual in itself because I always go Berry. This may be the most perfect rosie nude ever created.

I love how easy it is to apply and I found it not only feels and looks great, but is long lasting, as well. 

I checked out Too Faced La Creme lipsticks fared under the scrutiny of Sephora's online reviewers...In a word, splendidly.

Out of 334 reviews, 261 gave it 5 stars and 83 gave it 4 stars.  I was curious what the few single star reviewers had to say.  Their chief complaint they found the color did not last.  My experience could not be more fact on my first outing it lasted through cocktails and dinner. 

Que sera sera...I think it's brilliant.

I hope you will too...


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