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Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: Drybar The Chaser Shine Pomade

3.4 oz. $28

After reading some splendorous reviews about Drybar's The Chaser Shine Pomade I knew I had to try it for myself.

Plenty of products tame flyways and frizz...I own a half a dozen myself, but I have never heard of one that actually adds shine.

I recently purchased Drybar's Shower Cap and I am happy to report that the too tight elastic band eased up with in or day or two.  Dry hair, without a crown of indentations in my forehead is a plus and as promised, it thoroughly protects your hair in a way that no other shower cap can.

Whenever possible, I now sample before purchasing anything I am contemplating purchasing at Sephora.  They encourage it graciously and it has saved me from making costly mistakes.  On the plus side, they often win, because I do go back and purchase products I like frequently.
I did ask to sample Drybar's The Chaser Shine Pomade and I was mighty pleased with the results...

For starters, I wish this came in a smaller, less expensive size, because so little product is required, I will have this 3.4oz tube for at least a decade. Quibbles aside, I was thrilled  to see that not only were my flyways and frizz instantly tamed, but my hair looked positively glossy.

Ooh La La.

If my sample ever runs out, I will be back to purchase The Chaser Shine Pomade.  They are definitely on to something...who doesn't want shiny hair???



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