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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review: Drybar's Morning After Shower Cap

Nope! Not a calf's brain.
Drybar's Morning After Shower Cap
$15 Exclusively at Sephora

Are you familiar with Drybar? Drybar is the brainchild of founder Alli Webb. Though oft imitated, Alli was truly one of the first people to develop the concept of affordable "blow out ONLY" salons.

No cuts. No color.  Ever.

Drybar now has several locations within 6 states, with more to follow.  I have not been to one yet, but I have been to two copycats.  Both times I went home and redid my hair.

I want to believe, really I do, but so far I have yet to get lucky.

In addition to their Salons, they have also launched a line of hair products and accouterments dedicated to achieving and maintaining the "perfect" blow out.

I was surprised there hasn't been more buzz about it...I usually have either read about newly launched products or received information from their P.R. whizzes.

I spotted the line myself at Sephora, where, (aside from their own salons and website),  they are selling Drybar's products exclusively for the next 10 minutes. 

What particularly caught my eye was their "Morning After Shower Cap" which is designed to protect your newly coiffed hair from the ravages of humidity in and water seepage in the shower.

I need this.

My old stand by is an 8 year old, well worn Knicks towel.  It is thin enough to stay tucked and neither so large that it whips down to my coccyx or so small that it falls off in mid stream.

Though $15 is not a small sum to pay for a shower cap, if it does what it purports to do, it would be money well spent.

O.K. so was it worth it???

I think so... It differs from the ordinary drugstore shower cap in quality.  The inside is made of plush terry cloth that feels luxe and truly does keep your hair dry and intact...That's the nice part.

The not so nice part is that they hermetically seal your hair in it,  with an elastic band that is so tight your eyes may bulge slightly. It also left an indentation on my forehead that took 20 minutes to dissipate.

I'm hoping it will loosen up a bit and also last for nearly as long as my Knicks towel.

I checked the Sephora reviews that were mostly positive, though several people mentioned that extra tight band.  There were two other Drybar products that were very well reviewed: their Hold Me Hair Clips and The Chaser Shine Pomade.

I will purchase the clips and sample the Pomade and duly report back...

As always my Lovelies, if you have something to suggest to me, please don't hesitate to chime in.


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