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Monday, September 14, 2015

A Sharp Eye; a feature on Polyvore and Moi!

A Polyvore tutorial from the Lifestyle website A Sharp Eye

A few weeks ago, my friend Nancy Ireland, co-creator of one of my must read websites A Sharp Eye emailed me for a bit of help with an article she was writing on Polyvore. Nancy knows I am a self described, "Polyvore addict". You have all seen my Polyvore fashion sets, because whenever I create one, I post it to my blog as well as Instagram.

Nancy's website, A Sharp Eye, is a fun. informative daily read that gives you the 411 on all things cutting edge on topics such as travel, entertaining, fashion, events and happenings, gifts, technology, health, family and philanthropy.

I love love love websites that synthesize the world for me. A Sharp Eye, like my other daily read Need 2 Know, a news summary. are essentially my Cliff Notes on life. If you feel inundated with information, here are two places that take the toil out of keeping pace and I am ever grateful.

Nancy is also a wonderful client of mine at Richards. As her Personal Shopper, I have joyfully, attended to her and her families wardrobing needs for the last 15+ years. I also hope, I return the favor of simplifying her life, by taking the toil out of shopping; pairing down the trends, keeping my eye open for things that she will love and building on past purchases with new items to freshen them up. (For your complimentary appointment, please call me at 203 622 0551).

Imagine how pleased I was that Nancy decided to personalize her informative Polyvore piece, by siting DivaDebbi  as an example of how the site resonates professionally and personally for its users. You can read the entire article here.

Once again, she takes this oft misunderstood website, gives a synopsis of it's backstory and explains to the lay person, how you to can bring the shopping world to your finger tips in just a few strokes.

Case in point;  when I was one of the keynote speakers for the Breast Cancer Alliance luncheon in 2012, peplums were having a moment. I got it in my head that in October, I wanted to wear a pink peplum dress. Good luck finding it...

But find it I did! I was able to use Polyvore's shopping site to find something in minutes, that I could have fruitlessly shopped for, for weeks.  5 minutes later, a pink peplum dress was ordered and on it's way to me from Matches in London.

DivaDebbi and friends
Breast Cancer Alliance Luncheon 2012

So here's to friends and all the tips we share to make every day of our fast paced lives, just a little bit easier.

Happy reading, happy shopping and my thanks, Nancy...


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