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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I have been on the hunt for a really good mascara. I know it's a lot to hope for; massive length and volume, a glossy rich black hue, no clumps or flakes and the ability to remove it without removing my existing lashes.
Oh.  And can it please be less than $25?

I nearly caved, and repurchased Benefit's They're REAL Mascara after trying and returning Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara (a gloppy mess), and Dior Addict-It Lash Mascara (which lived up to none of it's promises.)

I love everything about They're REAL Mascara, probably the best product Benefit has ever produced. except when it's time to take it off.  Even with expensive removers, specifically formulated for waterproof mascara, (which They're REAL is not), it's hard work. I just knew I was damaging my lashes, so the love fest did end and after many purchases,  I quit cold.

Sephora has a display of mascara's from different brands that allows you to compare them by promise and applicator. One of their associates saw me pondering them and offered help.  I in turn, asked what her absolute favorite mascara was, whether displayed or not.  "That's easy", she replied...

"Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara."  "What do you like about it"?  I queried.  "How do you think my lashes look?"  "Pretty fabulous" I replied.  "Well that's why!"

And indeed they were. Full, lush, thick and long.  She advised that I might want to swipe any excess product on the brush back into the tube, particularly when it was new, but otherwise, the curved brush helps apply the product perfectly from root to tip. I was ready to pop it in my basket, when I remembered to tell ask if it's easily removed.

"Yes! See for yourself".  And so I did...

I did return to using Lancome Cils Booster XL Primer, which I think technically counts as a first coat, but two coats of Too Faced Better Than Sex so far has met all of my expectations.; outstanding performance, wear and no toil to remove.


So, is Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara better than sex? Pour moi? I demure... But kudos to the Too Face gang for coming up with a terrific mascara and a memorable name.  It certainly worked for the Nars peeps, who built an entire orgasm "collection" based on the singular blush shade.

Might Better Than Sex Eyeliner or Lipstick be in our future?  I would venture yes.  But if it's as good as their mascara, bring it on...

xox,     P.S. This is the second Too Faced product I have had fallen hard for in the last two weeks.
DD              in case you missed it, check out my review of Born This Way Foundation.

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