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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A DIY Beauty Miracle: removing blackheads simply at home

I know via my blog, that many of you feel you know me and I love that, but truly when it comes to my beauty whims, I must satisfy them instantly.

Case in point; a few weeks ago on a Monday, I noticed how straggly my ends were looking. With Becker Salon closed, I knew I was about an inch too close to taking matters into my own hands. 

Here's where I ended up instead:

Classic Barbershop Greenwich Ct.


Yup. I'm A little nutty, but that much I think you do know...

Which brings me to Sunday and the insane way my beauty axis aligns with the world. As we all do, I receive tons of alerts and emails. Suffice to say, delete, delete, delete. 

Today however, an aberrant thing occurred... I actually opened my "Popular on Pinterest This Week" email and began to scroll. 

I was truly unaware, of how many beauty pins make the cut. The few things I look at on Pinterest are either fashion, Street style, decor or delicious recipes that I will never, ever make. 

Low and behold and there was a DIY recipe for blackhead extraction! Best of all it didn't involve 11 ingredients, most of which would have been available only in an open air market in Marrakesh. 

Just two:

Toothpaste and table salt...these I could muster.  The directions couldn't have been easier; simply make a paste of any available toothpaste and table salt, scrub, scrub, scrub, leave on for five minutes and then rinse off.

Me being a "more is more" kind of Girl, I couldn't resist also applying it to the nonexistent blackheads on the sides of my nose.

Since I've never used toothpaste on my face, I thought it might be best to remove it in the shower.  As I rinsed my face, I could feel that those little buggers, magically, were no longer. I couldn't wait to see for myself...(surprise! I don't have a mirror in the shower,) and sure enough, they were!!! 

I can't wait to tell Julie about this and of course, to share this with you.  Frankly, I'm still in shock and I often peek or run my finger over my cleft to see if they are really gone.  On second thought, I better keep my hands off my face, or they will reappear faster than my roots.

I'm also going to try and find that Pinterest Pin.  I didn't heart or Pin it, but given my stellar results, I think they've earned my love. Don't you???


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