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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lizzie's Night

Lizzie's Night

Givenchy vintage black dress / Gianvito Rossi khaki shoes, $505 / Chanel special occasion clutch / Kimberly McDonald 18k white gold jewelry / Christian Louboutin lips lipstick, $93 / Marc Jacobs flower fragrance

I am an enormous fan of Elizabeth Moss, particularly her extraordinary work on Matt Weiner's Mad Men. 

Since its inception, I have been a rabid fan of the series. It is amazing that in 7 years, neither Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Moss, or Christina Hendricks have  never received an Emmy and even less probable that the spectacular John Slattery was never even nominated. 

Thank God our Breaking Bad days are behind us. For sure, it's Jon's night.  My fingers are crossed for Lizzie's too...

Polyvore ran a contest on how we would style our favorite Emmy pick.  I imagined Lizzie in this very "modern" vintage Givenchy gown, with classic Gianvito Rossi shoes and this limited edition Chanel Clutch. Who wouldn't want to discreetly or not slip out Christian Louboutin's gorgeous lipstick for a quick touch up?

I'm saving up my energy for my DivaDebbi Loves and Loathes blog. Even when I'm not quite in the mood, I find I can't resist, so do peek back and see if picked yours.


P.S.  Well, I'm doubly disappointed! Elizabeth Moss did not win and I really disliked her prom-y Oscar de la Renta gown and platinum "Adele" bob. The off shade of blonde robs Elizabeth of all of her beauty. I much prefered the way I styled her...How about you???

Elizabeth Moss in Oscar de la Renta

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