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Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: IT Bye Bye Under Eye

IT Bye Bye Under Eye

There are so many niche cosmetics companies these days.  I had never heard of IT Cosmetics (aka Innovative Technology Cosmetics) before reading product reviews on two beauty blogs I subscribe to, Best Things In Beauty and Musings of a Muse.

Based on recommendations, I tried an illuminating highlighter that sadly, looked artificial and garish on me.  I wrote to them and they kindly offered to exchange it for a blush.  The day I wore it, one of my colleagues started a conversation with me about how as we age, when it comes to makeup, "less is more".

I knew instantly she was talking about my clown cheeks and pointed to them.  She laughed and nodded yes, as I recused myself to the ladies room to scape my cheeks with a razor blade.

My experiences with IT Cosmetics were not promising, but when I read this rave review by Muse (, who does have issue with dark circles, I made note of it.  She is refreshingly candid in her reviews and I trust her.

Besides, this may have been the one time that, "full coverage, waterproof and highly pigmented" sounded appealing, because suddenly I seemed to be dealing with having to camouflage dark circles. (Fortunately, in the interim I started using  Murad's Instant Radiance Eye Cream, effectively banishing the problem.)

Nevertheless, I had agreed to sample Bye Bye Under Eye, though I was candid about my prior disappointments. Appealingly, Bye Bye Under Eye contains high concentrations of Vitamins K, A, C, E and Collagen. I like cosmetics that incorporate treatment in them.  Really...why not???

In addition to being clinically proven to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles, it is also recommended by leading plastic surgeons in Brazil to conceal bruising an swelling. , because butt-lifts and Botox are performed during lunch hours and they need it.

Good 'nuf for me.

Happily,  I love this stuff.  Very little is needed to completely conceal under eye and all other discolorations or imperfections.  I like to apply a small amount to my palm, let it warm for a few seconds and apply it with a small concealer brush.
It lasts without touch up all day . Brava.

Bye Bye Under Eye comes in 4 shades; Light, Natural Medium, Tan and Dark.  Accordingly, "70% of users wear Natural Medium.  It is seamlessly perfect on me.

I'm delighted I said yes to Bye Bye Under Eye.  Looks like the third time was the charm...


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