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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mama Mio Skincare on Sale: Summer Beauty to Fit Your Budget

Mama Mio Skincare
On sale at

I love Mama Mio's luxe and effective skincare line! Mama Mio Skincare was founded by four friends, who were looking to address their changing skincare needs during pregnancy.   Their first product, Tummy Rub is  still an award winning best seller.  

While their initial products were centered around pregnancy, others that followed were created for woman to heighten their beauty, not just in 9 month spurts, but through all phases of a woman's life.

I have used adorably named Skin Tight, Boob Tube and Nexercise over the years.  I still do the neck firming exercises I learned Nexercise daily.   Now is a great opportunity to treat yourself to one of their targeted products or delicious body moisturizers and also enjoy a 30% discount.  A prettier you awaits...


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