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Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Apple Day May Keep the Wrinkles at Bay: Ageless Derma

Ageless Derma
$65 (less 25% and free domestic shipping
on their website)

Since I do focus a great deal on anti-aging beauty, I get many requests to sample and review products.  One of the things that will get me to tip my scale to say yes is if I think a product is well priced and if it is jam packed with cutting age ingredients like bio-peptides, stem cells, antioxidents, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid in high concentrations.

Such is the case with Ageless Derma.  Ageless Derma and 5 other skin care products were developed at the behest of Dr. Mostamand a California based Medical Spa owner and author.  Dr. Mostamand assembled his own team of Bio chemists and estheticans, to find which ingredients work and which don't and when they do, in what concentration.
Smartly, their creams are all packaged in airless pumps, so the product maintains maximum potency without exposure to sunlight and air.  It also allows the skincare to remain free of synthetic preservatives.

The star ingredient is PhytoCell Tec Malus Domestica was developed in Switzerland.  It utilized the stem cells of the endangered Uttiwiler Spatlauber apple, known for its unusual ability to last, unblemished.

Here are some of the details:
How does Ageless Derma Anti wrinkle cream promote skin renewal?
Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream is a scientifically formulated blend of substantiated ingredients that revitalize your body’s natural abilities to heal itself. The aging process leaves our skin with diminished capacities to regenerate and repair but Ageless Derma supplies skin with the nutrients and vital plant stem cells that it requires to initiate rejuvenation. 
Why do we use plant stem cells in our Ageless Derma Anti-Wrinkle Cream?
We use stem cell extract because it has been proven in laboratory studies to stimulate growth in cultures of aged human epidermal stem cells. Comprehensive studies have demonstrated that plant stem cells delay the aging process. 
These positive effects were further confirmed in a study of women from ages 37 to 64 who used a stem cell extract enhanced cream. After only a month of twice daily application, 100% of the participants demonstrated measurably reduced wrinkle depth. 
From where do we harvest plant stem cells?
Mibelle Laboratories of Switzerland developed a Swiss apple stem cell extract called PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica for use in topical applications. This exciting scientific advancement has made stem cells available for use in skincare products for the first time. We have made this award winning extract available to you in our Ageless Derma Peptide and Anti-Wrinkle Cream. 

Many of you ask me how I can tell if a product is working or not.  The truth is, my skin has never been in better shape; the result of hereditary, hard work, maintenance and the ability to test some of the best products on the market.
I will stop using any product that I find to be drying, unbearable smelling or that I think is reversing any of my strides within a day.  I have used Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream night and day for almost three weeks on my face and neck.  The consistency is my preferred gel (though not as light and absorbent as La Peau.)  I am never going to see before and after results like the testimonial's of the sun hardened women they show in before and after shots.

I am certainly no worse for wear, in fact, I have received many compliments on my skin this month.  Is it the result of using Ageless Derma, or some other potions I have been testing?  Hard to say.

Do I think this is a well priced, anti-aging workhorse?  Yes, I do and if there weren't several other things in my goodie closet awaiting trial, I would happily continue using it.

Worth taking the bite...


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