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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spring Beauty Trend: The Matte Red Lip

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The Red Carpet is always a showcase for new trends in fashion and beauty.  One of the key looks that emerged on Sunday night at the SAG Awards, was the matte red lip.  Top makeup artists fell in love with with the idea of featuring creamy porcelain skin and highlighting it with saturated matte lipstick, sans gloss.

Whenever the red lip emerges as an important trend, I always give it another go.  Net, Net, I look in the mirror and see nothing but lips.  I have tried every hue, but it's just not me..Like so many women, I would love to fashion myself as a classic Parisienne, red lipped, whippet thin, travelling the world in a tightly belted trench, an Hermes scarf and a ballet flat.

Will I give in one more time???

Sure.  Maybe "matte" will make it all come together.

Maybe not...


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