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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: Guerlain's Terracotta Blush in Sunny Pink

Guerlain's Sun Shimmer Highlighter's $41
Sunny Pink and Orange/Pink Glow

It's only five days into the New Year, and no, I haven't abandoned my Best of 2012 Blush pick, Tarte's Natural Cheek Stain. It is perfect in every way but one; there is nothing portable about it...

I needed something slim, but richly pigmented, that I could carry in my makeup case and use to refresh my blush if I am going day to eve without a pit stop at home.

I tried it twice at Sephora before purchasing it, to both check it in daylight and to see if it lasted.  It adds a beautiful glow to the skin and looks natural and dewy. Fortunately, a little bit is all that is needed because I think it's rather pricey.
Ultimately, I caved. The Guerlain website suggested the Orange/Pink Glow for brunettes, but personally I think it would look ghastly on me. Sunny Pink is perfect and I have already received compliments while wearing it.

If you are prone to Winter blahs, the way I am, this is a nice pick-me up and it's a lot more cost effective than a trip to the Islands...


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