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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spring Ahead... Polyvore Top Set for January 19th, 2013

Spring Ahead...

It's always a lovely surprise to wake up and find out that your fashion set has been included on Polyvore's Top Sets homepage.

There are so many incredibly talented fashionista's creating and posting, that's it's hard to imagine how, exactly, they cull it down each day. I never even have to check, because if I am honored, my lovely Poly Pals have already let me know via a running stream of warm hearted congratulations.

I truly love our Polyvore community and I am looking forward to meeting some of our members at our meet up in N.Y.C., June 13th-16th.  My thanks to friends Lidia and Rosina for spearheading. It will be amazing to meet some of these great women, from all over the globe, face to face.

It's no secret that I dislike winter and though I never like to wish time away, (as I truly think every healthy day is a precious gift,) I still look forward to Springs sunshine and flowers.

I created this set in that spirit and I would love to own every item in this set...My fantasy closet is bulging...


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