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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: PowderWorks Facial Exfoliant

PowderWorks Facial Exfoliant
$39 Free Shipping
I like to keep an open mind about new-comers to the beauty field. I have my own dreams of launching my own DivaDebbi products some day, so when I got a reach out about PowderWorks, a new facial exfoliant created by Leslie and Marc Granberry, I was intrigued.

I am a huge believer in exfoliating, and make it a habit to do so at least twice a week.  Housed in an adorable brushed metal "shaker", PowderWorks has a patent-pending technology that "rolls away" dead skin, without harming the healthy layers beneath. It is created with all skin types in mind, even sensitive skin, and can be used on delicate lip and eye areas.

PowderWorks tagline line is, "Shake Up Your Skincare" and it couldn't be easier to use:

Directions: dampen clean face with water
•shake out desired amount of powder 
•massage onto face with moist fingers
•dead skin rolls away
•leave on a few seconds
•rinse thoroughly with water
•pat dry
•moisturize if needed.
Use twice a week for best results.

The unique formulation includes:  "a specialized grade of Calcium Carbonate (absorbs excess oil and lifts only the dead skin layer that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), Hydrolyzed Collagen (connects tissues and pushes out wrinkles and fine lines while plumping the skin, and reduces pore size".) did I like PowderWorks facial exfoliant???  For about a half second, I felt like I was using Soft Scrub on my face, but it quickly felt gentle and not gritty or abrasive.  It was fun to use and rinsed off beautifully.  My skin instantly looked glowing and poreless.  Wowza!!!

Since my love affair with my Clairisonic Mia remains unabated, I was curious to see if every drop of makeup was removed after using PowderWorks. I moistened a cotton ball with Murad Hydrating Toner and checked it afterwards for makeup residue. Mur Happily, it was completely clean.

This terrific new product is available online at ThePowderWorks.  I do believe they are going to let me do a give-away contest, so if your curiosity is peaked, check back in the next day or two.

In the meanwhile, I am so psyched for tonight's Golden Globe Awards! Longtime readers like my post mortem DivaDebbi Fashion Report Cards, so now you have two reasons to check back.

On a personal note, Go Carrie, Brody and Saul!


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