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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tried and True

Sometimes you just have to slow down and reflect on the important things in life...good health, first and foremost, a good laugh and a great bronzer...

I am so busy pursuing new products, that things that have served me perfectly well, get shoved down the rabbit hole. I recently revisited four favorites and I am going to do my best to fight my fickle gene and stick with them, (for awhile, anyway). They are as follows:

1) Cover Girl's Lash Exact, (in the purple tube). This product came out nearly two years ago and was heralded because its new, tidy little wand, deposits product neatly and evenly on the lashes. Do not confuse this with their second entrant, Lash Blast, (in the orange tube), with a beefy wand like a turkey drumstick. Lash Exact was and still is a terrific mascara. I am glad we reunited.

2) Clinique's Quickliner for Lips. This liner, stays put, applies smoothly, self sharpens to a nice point and is available in a wide range of natural tones. Unfortunately, I believe, my beloved "pink truffle", was part of a limited promotion and will be out of production. (Anyone want to start petitioning Congress to outlaw this ugly practice)? A gorgeous, nudey-brown-pink that is harder to find than white jeans in the summer. (I am all ears for suggestions)...

3) Bobbi Brown Eye Liner Gel, in Ink. It defines beautifully, doesn't smear, removes handily and you will need new undies before you need to buy more.. This may not be for you if you don't have the steady hands of a neurosurgeon and don't think for a moment, that any 'ol brush in your repertoire will do. Anything short of the proper implement, (Bobbi's $20 fine eyeliner brush), will yield Uncle Fester like results...otherwise, it's perfect.

4) An oldie but a goodie, frequently sited as an editor and user favorite, Guerlain's Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder. I am an 02 girl, but there are 4 other options, so finding your best match is definitely possible. Nothing comes close to the even, silkiness and rich color this bronzer imparts. I have a zillion limitations (cooking, map reading, remembering Birthday's), but, "Fake Bake", I know and this stuff is da bomb.

Tell me your fave's, but not right away...I might be too tempted to run out and buy them...



  1. gotta try that for the fake bake stuff..I remember buying drugstore revlon in talc power like shaker..bought it in high school and won't tell you how long I held onto this..way past the expiration date!
    I use a Laura Mercier bronzer and love the striped brick product from bobbi...can't find it to name it for you!
    heading up your way on Tues morn and would love to see my glam girlfriend!

  2. oops tis me...MAL

  3. Hi Darling!
    Would love to see you! There is a Bright Pink event in Soho Wednesday night...can you make it?

    I know the BB shimmer brick bronzing powder...I used it lovingly, till I wore a hole in the center. Then one day, I decided all that shimmery frost, looked better in the pan than on my face, highlighting my imperfections (as if)!
    Ker plunk. We parted. I must say I do prefer the more matte ingredients of the Guerlain bronzers. I am a LM fan, will give it the fish eye, next time I'm at Saks.


  4. sadly, I won't be able to attend the event as I am staying in your neck of the woods...while Pheebs will be recuping that night!



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