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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michelle O.

Much is being made of the purple sheath dress, that Michelle Obama wore the night her husband Barack Obama, claimed victory as the 2008 Democratic candidate. The much frenzied frock was designed by Maria Pinto, a former assistant to the formidable Geoffery Beene. (Amazing that no one tried to keep the Beene name alive after the Beene died). First and foremost, why is no one discussing the bigger picture here...How 'bout those arms??? Buff, baby, buff...Frankly I am little awed and a tad envious. I love what she has going on here...The bold choice of strong, flattering color, the v-neckline, cut in shoulder and wide belt highlighting all of her figure assets, the modern nod of going commando without hose, as "reported". (anything else only Senator B. knows for sure). Yes, there are the obvious comparisons to Jackie O., the brunette flip and the Jawbreaker size, faux pearls, but I think she owned it, looking chic and confident.

I was invited to hear Michelle speak at the Harvard Club in N.Y. last year, by friends who were early inside supporters. I arrived with an open mind and left smitten by her commanding message and good looks. I enjoyed hearing about her childhood, family and schooling. How she met Barack Obama. The choices they have made together about their careers and their dedication to their children, community and country.

I'm looking forward to the months ahead. Both Senators Obama and Clinton fought a knockdown, to win the nomination and forever changed the landscape of what is possible, in American politics. I think being a candidates spouse, is quite a bout in the ring, with each other's opponents, willing them to weave and stumble. For Mrs. McCain, I have only one word of advice, "Buff up, Babe", because Michelle, is looking like a KO.


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