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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Loving Laura

I have been holding out on you... On one of my many pilgrimages to Sephora, I noticed a tidy display of pretty, neutral, products by "Laura Geller". I remembered reading that her "Crease-less" under eye concealer, was grabbing accolades for its glide on texture and light weight coverage. I also heard about "Spackle", a gel primer that is supposed to keep your make up flawless, even under the most trying weather conditions, (how trying? Weekend in the Rain Forest trying)? I felt the vortex of curiosity sucking me in like a Dyson...I liked her catchy product names and wondered what else could be on the horizon, Brown Bag? Pasty? Help!?...we'll see. The other thing I appreciated, was that the collection was tightly edited. Though I can hone in on my best one or two lip shades, like a turkey vulture, I am happiest selecting from 8 offerings, not 80...Too many choices and I simply shut down, control, alt, delete, parking lot.

So what have I tried??? The "Spackle", of course. It came perfectly packaged, with a bonus flip top, that contains a lip and eye primer. All three are terrific and held my face on through our recent heatwave. "Tint Hint", a liquid lip and cheek stain that dries to a natural, rosy, flush, minus the toxic taste and smell of some other stains I have tried, (Stila, Benefit). "Phenomenal Foundation", a lightweight silicone infused foundation, that I blend with bronzing gel, for a little more color and depth. "Creaseless", which is two notches up from my recent Maybelline "Rewind" find, and requires a needle's eye amount of product...I may go into a nursing home, with this one in my cosmetic bag. I am also loving the Pink Grapefruit blush from her "baked" collection, which combines several tones on one palette and finally her cream lipstick in Wild Rose, lovely, even coverage, in a lovely shade.

I had lamented awhile back, that there seemed to be a dearth of cosmetics in the "Tory Burch" price point,...meaning a really good product, of fair value. Is it really necessary to spend over $60.00 to get a quality foundation? I don't think so. For now and for the foreseeable future, I am sticking with my girl crush... Laura Geller may not look like your typical Beauty owner, but she is an incredible talent, which is absolutely beautiful.


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