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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tant Pis (What a Shame)

I am nearing the end of my 30 day free trial of Cindy Crawford's, "Meaningful Beauty" skin care. I was cheating by the third day...2 of the products, the neck and decollete creme and the beauty serum were activating my gag reflex, literally. The "story" behind the science is a French melon extract, , that took 10 year to stabilize for distribution. That should have been my first clue, as the products have a rancid smell. That being said, if they stabilized botox for topical use, I would be using it, even if it smelled like manure.

The cleanser was effective, but average. The day creme, left a zinc like film on my face. The only product that had a nice texture and inoffensive smell, was the night creme, so I gave it a test drive on my knees and elbows, (perhaps a slight improvement)?

All in all, disappointing, to say the much for french fruit. I'm a softie for a little old fashioned, chemical zing, anyway. Still, I better hurry and send my "no where near" the bottom of the jars, back...I'm not sure if I will get an actual refund, or if this just releases me from a Faustian pact with Guthy Renker, to ding my credit card each month.

For the moment, no more kits... I like my hodge podge approach. I would prefer not to live without Olays Daily Cleansing Cloths, which remove, nearly every spec, of make up, Dr. Denese's Glycolic Pads, Nutrimin C's daily moisturizer and Dove Pro-Age Beauty Serum for Neck and Chest (which I use on my face). By the way, I hate the "Pro-Age" assumption. I am not "Pro-Age", I am, "Have No Choice" and "It Beats the Alternative" about aging, thank you. I think that Dove may be phasing this product line out, but using the formulas in newly repackaged items, like their "new" creme oil body lotion, which feels like the "old" Pro-Age one to me. Good move. I am also using something new... Olay's Regenerist Micro Sculpting Creme. It has won several beauty editor awards and I actually needed a night creme. I am only at the three day mark, but so far, I'm loving it and if I change my mind and decide to return it, at least it won't require a trip to the Post Office.



  1. Hi Debbi,
    Great blog! I wanted to know if you accept information on new products and samples for review. If so, how can I contact you?

  2. Thanks so much Cornflake girl!
    Would love to be in touch. Can you kindly leave me an email?




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