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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Barbi Visits the Barber

Last night was fabulous! One of my favorite clients hosted the Family Centers of Greenwich benefit at their waterside home. The theme was "Fiesta Cuba" and we were truly transported to Havana circa 1940. Frank and Ava would have felt right at home. Best of all, over $800,000 was raised by this hard working committee, for a truly special place. We were honored to be at our host's table and enjoyed every minute.

Getting dressed for events is never a problem, I love it and look forward to it. The challenge is, since I haven't left the house without my hair and make up done since I was in a white lace Maidenform training bra, I don't feel particularly special. Basically, I look the same sniffing a honeydew at Stop 'n Shop as I do at a Black Tie event.

There are only three ways I can notch it up; cleavage, false eyelashes and a good blow out (see Dd photo at right). Check, check for the first two, but the truth is, I am never happy with my hair after someone else blows it dry. I am not disputing that it looks shinier and more finished, if you will, but I end up looking either like Florence Henderson or Jenny McCarthy, too poofed or too straight. Hairdressers love my hair, because it is thick and wavy, they fall into a rapture, but barely notice that their is a face attached to that hank of hair. They are delighted with their handiwork and I pretend to be too, tipping nicely (I think I do, do we ever really know???? Oy!!! The pressure...In my opinion, gratuities should be built in or eliminated). In the meanwhile, I can't wait to get home to tackle it on my own. (I have also gone the updo route twice, with no success either... Bobbie Pins, flying like bullets, out my car window, as I screeched on two wheels out of the parking lot).

Which brings me to tonight's event. We are having a heat wave, so why bother with a blow out? I did my hair this morning and realized that I crossed that threshold when it is too long and has that dated, "Farah" look. I had a zillion errands to do and getting into see my regular hairdresser on a Saturday, short notice was not even worth a phone call. Here's where it gets crazy and I do think the heat had something to do with it...I decided to pop in on Rinaldo...Who is Rinaldo? Rinaldo is my son's barber. In 10 years, the kid has never had a bad haircut. How much could he botch it? "Follow the line and take and inch and half off, please". "While your at it, do you think you can smooth the ends and give me a little height at the crown"? "Sure I can"...and he did.

So how does it look??? Well, I don't exactly know yet. A little short, I am pretty sure. At least I didn't bolt straight to the bathroom. I will let you know...gotta get ready and put those lashes on, fluff the boobs and get dressed. Who knows? Maybe I will look special.



  1. I can't BELIEVE you visited a barber! As you never look less than perfect, I am totally in shock, Deb. (Even sitting in the steaming sun by the pool in a Florida resort this gal looks like she is encased in ice, sipping on a cold frosted drink and flipping through magazines. My magazines, by the way, have long since wilted in the humidity, my drink looks like something I picked off a tray from the busboy, and I make interesting sucking noises as I try to detach myself from my lounger.)

    Could this barber be a new trend? Imagine the savings for all those cosmetics not yet tried, but languished after!! :)

  2. Miss Vegas,
    I think I might have simply been suffering from heat exhaustion.
    Definitely, dodged a bullet. All in all, my cut is still intact, but I would not recommend anyone following my lead.
    Got your made me laugh!
    Girlfriend, when you are in NY, we are hitting the stores.




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