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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: Travalo Refillable Perfume Atomizer

Travelo Refillable Perfume Atomizer
Price Varies from $9.99 to $19.99. Google!

I adore perfume and would no more consider leaving the house without it on then I would my panties.  The trouble is, no matter how fine the fragrance, and my current love Diana Vreeland's Devastatingly Chic is way up there, nothing lasts on me.

This brought me to the conundrum of finding an atomizer that actually worked, without my precious perfume dissipating into thin air...who needs a devastatingly chic smelling handbag?  Not me...  I have purchased several purse refill atomizers from Sephora, one from CVS and a lovely looking finely cut crystal one on from Amazon. Same gig, everytime.

My blogging juju aligned nicely with a reach out from the team at 3D Sales & Marketing who wanted to know if I was interested in trying Travalo's, all aluminum, TSA approved, leak proof refillable atomizer, with a patented Genie-S pump system that guarantees no air exposure.

Um...yes please! And can you FedEx it???

At last, the refillable perfume atomizer of my dreams. My deluxe size, which holds 65 sprays, retails for $19.99 on Travalo's website came without directions and I'm a wee technically challenged.  Good thing my husband is not.

The direction are below. Love, love, love the glass window that shows you just how much product you put in, because it also allowed me to see how still full it was after a week in my handbag.  No leak's at all and ideal for travel.

Refills in seconds: 
  1. Take your favorite perfume bottle, remove the plastic spray top.
  2. Insert the perfume bottles pump stick into the filling station at the bottom of the spray bottle.
  3. Press down firmly and repeatedly to fill the spray bottle. 
So my Lovelies, I hope if you have been frustrated, as I have in the past about how to transport your fragrances, that you will be helped by this post about Travalo's perfectly conceived and executed portable atomizer.

Now I can feel devastatingly chic all the time and you can enjoy your favorites as often as you like too.


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