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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Review: Dark & Lovely Edge Sleeker

Dark & Lovely Edge Sleeker
John Frieda's Full Repair Flyaway Tamer
$35.90 on Amazon

Is there anything more maddening than when a beloved, well reviewed item is discontinued and sent to the product early graveyard?  

I was a huge fan of John Frieda Full Repair Flyway Tamer.  It did a magnificent job of taming  the rogue hairs that have broken near my hairline, without any stickiness. Loved that I could easily slip it in my handbag for quick touch up's as well. 

Maybe I had a prescient vision that one day it would disappear; my hoarder gene often kicked in and I would purchase 2 or 3 at a time.  One day it disappeared from the shelves, the next it became rarer and harder to find online.  Big Sigh...

Overtime, the sting receded and I forgot about it, (trying other products to "repair" the problem than just masking it.)  The other day on a CVS run I spotted Dark & Lovely Edge Sleeker.  It too, came in a portable wand and promised to smooth and defrizz what they refer to as broken, "edges".

As the brand name implies, Dark & Lovely is skewed toward the African American market. Apparently, this dilemma is not the exclusive provenance of one ethnicity or another.  Plop. Into the basket it went.

I'm ever hopeful when I buy and try something for the first time that it will live up to its promises...Sadly, Dark & Lovely Edge Sleeker is no match for John Frieda's Full Repair Flyaway Tamer.  

The texture is light and not sticky. For a short time, it worked well enough,  but after a couple of hours, ping everything went right back to the where they started from. 

Oh well.

Naturally, I thought I'd take a shot at finding a long lost Flyaway Tamer on Amazon or Ebay.  I did, but my ebullience faded quickly when I saw that the 4 , 4 year old tubes were being priced gouged for 6 times there original retail, with an asking price of $35.00 each.

So whether you are dark and lovely or light and lovely, Edge Sleeker is a clunker that is not worth the money.  So P&G, L'Oreal, Garnier et al...Listen up. We, alot  of the people, need an effective frizz tamer and we need it stat...



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