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Friday, April 29, 2016

Beauty Emergency! Oh and Michael Kors

DivaDebbi and Michael Kors at Richards
(lashes intact)
I've been a Personal Shopper for over 20 years.  Within that time I have experienced dozens of fashion emergencies;  broken zippers, sensors left on dresses, imploded seams, peek-a-boo linings... I've seen it all. A few weeks back, my husband literally sewed me into a gown that would have benefited greatly from two more hooks and eyes. My mistake? Not heeding my own sage advice to my clients--always try on an altered garment, well in advance of when you will be wearing it, not 15 minutes before you have to be out the door.

Late Thursday afternoon, I had my first beauty 911.  Michael Kors was coming to Richards to present his Fall 2016 Runway Collection to a small group of devoted clients. I considered this a special enough occasion to glam up with a half fringe of false lashes in the morning.  30 minutes before arriving, my eyelash strip was hanging by a lash...

I hadn't thought to bring adhesive with me, so I dashed up to Sephora for a quick fix.  I'm not an unfamiliar face there, so they nicely accommodated me. My beauty adviser informed me that most of the adhesives packaged with lashes are sub-par. The only one to use are those made by Duo Lash.  She also likes to seal over the lashes once applied with this brush on, invisible formula.
Duo Lash Brush On Adhesive

What it is:
An effective brush-on adhesive formula for false lashes. 

What it is formulated to do:
This high-quality brush-on formula comes with an ultrathin brush for precise, quick application of both strip and individual lashes for all-day wear. Enriched with vitamins A, C, and E, the latex-free formula dries invisibly and is safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. Lashes have never been easier.

Nicely, she secured the other eye's lashes as well, which she assured me were also on borrowed time.

Back intact, I scooted back to Richards in time to greet my clients and moments before Michael arrived. He graciously chatted with guests, and allowed them to take photos and selfies with him.

Michael was a hoot. I can imagine him as a perfect dinner party guest.  He's warm, approachable, funny and a little self deprecating.  His idea of glamour and mine are aligned;  I appreciate a great coat, won't shy from a marabou feather and love a little shine, via a brocade, crystal or sequin. Deevineeeeee!!!!

Photos courtesy of Lily Picsic

It was great fun to hear Michael's inspirations for the season and his own unique take on glamour, all over crystal bell bottoms paired with a turtleneck, which might be described to a friend as, "just throwing on a pair of pants and a top".

All in all, my favorite kind of night, beauty, fashion, champagne and friends.
If I ever had the pleasure to be Michael's dinner party, I would want to hear some of his tales from the trenches; I can only imagine a trove of hilarious near disasters, deftly averted among his famous clients.

Chances are, he wouldn't bat an eye...



  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience with MK.

  2. Your welcome DeS!
    My pleasure, of course. How did your Halo peel work out?




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