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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Safety First: How to allow access to the ICE info. on your iphone

Life works in funny ways; on the heels of the FBI/Apple showdown about cracking into the iphone of suspected terrorists, it occurred to me, that in an emergency, how could anyone access my locked iphone?

More specifically, as I mused about the subject with my friend Janice, I was really more concerned about my son.  Knowing my streak of over protectiveness, she howled at my fantasy of sneaking a neatly written piece of pertinent information in his wallet...

Still it gnawed at me.

Fast forward two weeks, when the server attached to my work email crashed.  I couldn't access my email on a computer or via my iphone.  While it was being reset, our tech team at Richards was able to provide me with a web address that could get me in. Noting that I might need it again at some point in the future, I went to add it to my own contact information, which identified me on my iphone as "me".

As I was scrolling to add it, I noticed a red icon that said, *Medical ID". Fascinated, I clicked. There I could add Medical Notes, Allergies and Reactions, Medications, my chosen Emergency Contacts, Drs. Blood Type, Height and Weight. 

Some of you may have already filled out this information on the Health app on your iphone, but here's the thing! No one will be able to access it, unless you change it to the "show when locked" option in your settings.

Whether you fill out your information the way I did, or with in your health app, once you change your setting, to show when locked, your medical emergency information is now accessible.  On the bottom left side of your lock screen it will say," Emergency", that will allow you to make an outgoing call, Additionally, *Medical ID will appear in the bottom left side of the phone screen.  If you push on that, all of your information will pop up. Voila!

I have enclosed instructions below for iphone users.

Heartfelt apologies to Android users, but I imagine, in the spirit of competition, that this technology must exist for you as well.

I'm the least techie person in the world, but I felt this was to important not to share with my Lovelies.  Please check this out and though they will kick and scream, make sure your precious children do it as well. Mine did. 

To your safety and good health, always...


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