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Monday, June 5, 2017

Combating Dark Circles

NYX Dark Circle Concealer
about $6.99

Well, yuk...I've always been lucky enough not to have an issue with dark circles. I'm a good sleeper and I'm not feeling particularly tired.  Usually just a swipe of any concealer would do the trick and a few days of vacation eliminated the need for using it at all.

Sadly, my luck seems to have run out!

Naturally, I needed a quick fix and fortunately, I found a simple two step solution. The first is a lucky, random find, the second, something I decided to order from Amazon, after reading a rave review on Makeup Alley.  Nicely, they are both inexpensive...Cheap and cheerful!

The trick to using both products is a concealer brush.  The first product to use is NYX Dark Circle Concealer. I brush this on directly from the pot.  It comes in 4 shades and each has a slight orange hue that is intended to combat the blueish hue that sometimes accompanies dark circles. I use the medium, which does a fairly good job all on it's own, however, I generally prefer a brighter under eye look

The next step is the Alba Botanica Fast Fix Under Eye Concealer. This is a quirky product that is very thin, and is an odd, lemony shade. On it's own it definitely did not do the trick nor did not apply evenly over my under eye cream.

It works best when I squeezed a small amount on my palm and stippled the brush gently over the NYX Concealer.

Alba Botanical Fast Fix for Under Eye Circles
About $7.00
Between the two products, my circles disappeared, my face look brighter and I was glad my duo also seemed last all day without need for touch ups.
Of course, I would love to hear about any under eye cream or product that you are have success with.  The challenge, so often with concealer, is that it cakes and let's face it, that, is never a good look.
I'm hoping you don't need my duo, but if you do, do give them a try.  Fingers crossed they work as well for you, as they are for me...

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