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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dupe Review: Hard Candy Cheeky Tints

Hard Candy's Cheeky Tint's
Exclusively at Walmart and

Gel blushes and sheer tints are definitely having a moment. I'm a fan of the concept.  I find powders drying and creams vanishing.  The challenge with gels is that coverage can be uneven and streaky and there is no easy fix.

I fell in love with Perricone MD's No Blush Blush and recently reviewed it. There is only one shade but it's mine to the tee.  I'm not a huge believer in "one size fits all cosmetics", so you might be out of luck. Less lovable was the $33 price.

When my friends at DNA PR emailed me about the launch of Hard Candy Cheeky Tints, nicely available for $6 and in 6 shades, I asked to receive samples in the hopes of find a possible "dupe" for No Blush Blush.

I received 3 Cheeky Tints Sheer Blush Gels; Goddess (bronze), Geisha and Surfer Babe.  The closest match to No Blush Blush would probably have been Diva (um...), second from right, but hey, if the consistency and staying power were right, I can be a sport and buy one myself.

The best news is that Cheeky Tints do provide a natural, streak free flush with great staying power.  The color does have a lot of pigment, so you may want to consider choosing a lighter side. I combined Goddess with Burts Bee's Radiance Body Lotion and created a rather fabulous tinted bronze moisturizer that looked stunningly natural.

All in all, a terrific buy, and a decent dupe.  What other pricey product is  Hard Candy a great dupe for???
I have no clue. But I will be checking out other items and of course, I will keep you in the loop...


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  1. thanks for this review. i looked it up after buying this gel blush and finding it amazingly good. first gel blush i've tried and can't really imagine how any another brand could be better. and such a great price. it goes on sheer but it's buildable for awhile as it's drying. my powder blush fades during the day but not this stuff! really hangs on and looks so natural and dewy. makes me look younger since it looks so glow-y. looks good by itself or along side a darker tone to bring out contouring/shaping. i am a very average fair skin tone and i got the "geisha" color. sounds like that would be kinda garish but not at all. such a sweet rosy pink when applied. i can see switching to this from powder forever. so happy !



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