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Friday, February 19, 2016

Review: Osmosis Curling Mascara

Osmosis Curling Mascara

Nearly 8 years in, I have the stats to prove that my best read posts are ones that feature recognizable brands.  Still, I can't help wondering on occasion if I'm passing up the opportunity to sample something really special, that I can share with you.  Does it really matter if it's not available in a place fashioned from brick and mortar?  How much are we all buying via the Internet anyway?


Thus, Osmosis Curling Mascara peaked my interest and I agreed to try it...and what a lovely product it is! Firstly, it really does curl...I know this because I used it without an eyelash curler. So nice when I product actually do what it purports to. Secondly, it creates the cleanest flush of clump free lashes I've ever seen.  My first thought? Doll lashes! And that was with just the first coat!

I didn't really know much about Osmosis Skincare, but apparently it is a well conceived, premium and chemical free. The before and after pictures are their site were well documented and impressive, but it is costly.

For now, I'll continue enjoying my Osmosis Curling Mascara and if I decide to purchase it, my $22 will be well spent. Here's a link  it, if you would like to try it too.


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