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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ready for Prime Time

As I scraped to the bottom of my 4th HourGlass Mineral Veil Travel Primer, I realized, I might have to rethink this strategy.  I love the HourGlass Primer, I do, but I have yet to make the leap to the $52 full size bottle.  Instead, I dribble along at $18 a pop.

This week TotalBeauty did a roundup on the 10 Best Drugstore Primers. I like TB's roundup's, because they are based on the the aggregates of scores provided by readers who provide feedback.  I rarely take the time to write reviews on websites like Sephora, MakeupAlley or TotalBeauty, but I'm ever grateful for those who do.

Nothing really struck my fancy from the drugstore lot, so I dug a little further and found a another TotalBeauty roundup that was not predicated on my price, the 11 Best Primers. I was fascinated to see that Maybelline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, for $6.99 was better rated than my beloved HourGlass Mineral Veil, despite being 7x less expensive.


So what's my take away?  Still undecided.  The lure on beauty websites, is that NYX Angel Veil Primer ($16) is a very close dupe for the Hour Glass.  Most reviewers agreed, that for the significantly less, there was not enough difference to splurge on the HourGlass. The only hitch? I've looked for it before and it is perennially sold out.

I guess that speaks for itself. Stay tuned...


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