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Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Revlon Colorstay Gel Eyeliner

Revlon ColorStay Gel Eyeliner

I'm not a fan of black eyeliner by day, but it's hard to deny the drama of how liquid black eyeliner looks at night, or maybe it's just that as of late, I am a bit smitten with the fabulously adorable Adele.

The problem with liquid liners, is that they can look harsh and dated.  As well, unless you have the steady hands of a neurosurgeon, it can be a nasty piece of business to apply. Traditional gel liners are an option, but no matter how deftly I dip the brush in the pot, I always end up with too much product and not enough eyelid to put it on.

I had made a note of Revlon ColorStay Gel Eyeliner, since it won a coveted Allure Best of Beauty Award in September of 2015. It is conveniently packaged, with the brush preloaded into the top of the applicator. Lovely to have it tidy and all in one unit; no need to rifle through 20 or so brushes in search of the one intended for eyelining.

Brill, actually...

And I think I love it.  Here's why; the liner itself is a tad dryer than most gel liners...translation? No glop.  The brush is also perfect. It's small, stiff and easy to control.  As a result, it looks much softer
than liquid or gel liner and rather than black, it reads almost charcoal.  Naysayer's in some reviews were critical of, "gapping", but I would rather have less product that I can add to then too much, which requires a delicate hand with clean up.  I also had success using it on my upper waterline (inner lid) and as a bottom liner, all without ending up looking like Detective Olivia Benson.

Mariska Hargitay as SVU's Detective Olivia Benson

Oh and did I mention it is virtually budge proof, until it's time to take it off?

Yesterday I was at Ulta. I will be attending a 60's/Beatles Party in Palm Beach later this week at the former Lennon estate, now owned by dear friends.  Naturally, props were needed; false lashes, pink lipstick and a frosty gloss.  While there, I decided in follow up to yesterday's blog, to see if  for once, NYX Angel Veil Primer was in stock. Bam! It was and I will be reporting back. They also had restocked NYX Black Vinyl Liner, a glossy black liner that is perennially sold out, even on Amazon. There wasn't a chance on earth I was leaving it behind. Stay tuned, with pics...


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