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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lash Em Lash & Brow Enhancer

Lash Em Lash & Brown Enhancing Serum

I've been writing my blog for over 6 years now.  Those who have journeyed with me have laid witness to my litany of lash trials.  Let's see, there has been Latisse,
Neu Lash, RapidLash, RevitaLash, SmartLash, Grande Lash MD and oh yes, Vichy Lift Active Serum (which I am still using, since it conditions them beautifully).

Oh my.

50% of the time, I have experienced significant growth (Latisse, SmartLash, Grande Lash MD) and luscious lashes. I also experienced blood red, itchy eyes that looked and felt like I had ground glass in my corneas.  Prying my eyelids open in the morning was no joy either.

When I could take it no longer, I stopped and as I have experienced before, shed all of my new growth  after a couple of weeks.

Big Sigh...

The other products did absolutely nothing for me, though I now know that what might work for me, wont' work for you and vise versa.  The only that absolutely works on everyone is Latisse, but it is expensive and often produces the side effects I described.

After all I have endured, was I deterred when I was offered the opportunity to sample Lash Em?


I received my sample and started using it two nights ago. A good sign was that I have had no discomfort.  I like the sleek packaging and think the $70 price tag is generous for 3.5 oz of product provided it works.

So here we go again...I'm so hopeful the 7th time will be the charm.

Stay tuned...



  1. Don't know if LashEm is available in the UK. Am currently using Rapidlash. It took a while but does seem to be making a difference and my lashes are definitely longer.

  2. Im glad its working for you Josephine and hopefully without irritation. RapidLash did not work for me. It's really an individual crap shoot with these products other than Latisse. Thanks for your post :)




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