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Sunday, November 10, 2013

All Victoria, All the Time...

All Victoria, All the Time...

Victoria Beckham dress / L.K.Bennett black boots, $605 / Victoria Beckham leather handbag

I am crazy about Victoria Beckham's crisp, linear, impeccable clothing, particularly her dresses and handbags.  Truly, I live vicariously not just through styling my clients, but my creating these Polyvore sets.

The set above is based on a "template" I created.  Basically what this means is that the set is permanent. What can change is the photo and fashion.  It was challenging to do, but not impossible as I imagined. Naturally I tweaked it 1000 times and 1000 more, even after this was published.

What that will allow me to is get in a quick fashion fix when I'm pressed for time. Though anyone can access my template, and I theirs, it always feels a bit like cheating, using someone elses framework.

So now I have my own.  Expect to see it often, in one way or another!


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