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Monday, March 19, 2012

Scarred For Life? DNA Scar Therapy Can Help

DNA Scar Therapy 1.7 oz. $45
There are two kinds of scars:  The ones on our hearts, that we feel when are kids are hurting, by an old flames who left us crushed , or physical scars from accidents or surgery.

Both leave painful reminders that are best faded with time.  Having had several surgeries,  I have tried everything available on the market to fade them; creams, silicone sheets and even lasers.  The results are not stellar.

The best time to treat scars is when they are closed but fresh.  When I had an opportunity to sample DNA EGF Renewal's DNA Scar TherapyI figured I had nothing to lose, even though my surgical scars are years old.

I used  DNA Scar Therapy once a day, on clean dry skin as directed.  Within about 2 weeks I did see a lightening and softening of my old scars.  Hope in a tube!  So encouraging...

Unfortunately, I always leave something behind in any hotel room I visit, (including my passport in the safe, which was safely Fed Exed to me).  I also left my DNA Scar Therapy in a drawer in the bathroom.  That one, unfortunately, I had to chalk up.  I really would have loved to see the continued results of long term use.

Since the best time to use DNA Scar Therapy is on fresh scars, I'm optimistic this would be quite effective.

Here is how it is described:

Intensive therapy that minimizes the appearance of scars. Beyond simple silicone gels, this light, potent serum restores skin's smoothness and tone with DNA Repair Enzymes, Silicone, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Beta Glucan

Free of fragrance, parabens and sulfates, this light but potent serum is designed for both men and women, on the face or body.

It's a little pricey, but a little went a long way.  In my heart, I think this is an excellent advance in scar therapy. 

Don't forget, time heals all wounds and DNA Scar Therapy can't hurt.


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