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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Nude Shoe: All Eyes Up

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge wearing 
nude shoes with a Catherine Walker ensemble

I  love Day Light's Saving Time, but only when we are, "springing ahead".  Longer days of sunlight plus the proliferation of color available in ready-to-wear and accessories is a a guaranteed mood brightener. Particularly this Spring, it seems.

When Stacey Bewkes, the awarding winning writer of my favorite Lifestyle Blog Quintessence asked me if I would like to be a Style Contributor  for the website Women's Voices for Change, a fabulous resource for women over 40,  I was honored.  When Stacey asked me if there was a particular topic I'd like to cover for my second article, I suggested covering why the "nude shoe" has become such a prevalent option.

Wearing nude shoes is a neat  little trick I picked up from the late great style icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.   I have been advising my clients to wear them as the perfect foil for color, ever since seeing them  worn with the pistachio Carolina Herrera ensemble she wore to Caroline's wedding.  Count on Jackie to figure out a way around, God Forbid, "dyed to match".

Here's a link to the article:  The addition of fashion is new to Women's Voices for Change

Led by Patricia Yarberry Allen M.D., "Women’s Voices for Change started its not-for-profit website in 2006. Since then, the WVFC community of writers, commenters, and supporters has grown steadily, drawn by a distinctive mix of news, opinion, and reflection from an over-40 women’s perspective, coupled with the authoritative medical information that is the site’s leading component".

It is a font of important health information for women over 40, as well as personal finance, relationships, career, the arts and more.  I highly recommend a visit...even if you haven't crossed that arc.

There is much we can all continue to learn from one any age.



  1. LOVE having you as a contributor at Women's Voices. And love this piece - brilliant!!

  2. As I said, I'm honored that you asked me to write for this important site. Thank you for all your help!


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