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Friday, March 23, 2012

La Peau Names DivaDebbi Their First Brand Ambassador

La Peau's powerhouse trio: Day, Night and Eye Cream

I was so pleased to open my email and see this announcement published in La Peau's newsletter:

LA PEAU is delighted to name DivaDebbi La Peau Skincare's first Brand Ambassador:

"I knew I had found something very special, when I stopped accepting offers to try other skincare products", says O'Shea.

"My taut, radiant skin, speaks for itself.  I am so honored to be the Brand Ambassador of LA PEAU. Nurtured from sisters, Carla & Irma Khanjian's passion and pursuit of achieving results through science, I am equally devoted to this effective 3-step skincare program. The world needs to know about La Peau and I intend to do my part to help them discover this cosmetic anti-aging jewel”.

Debbi O’Shea, is also known as DivaDebbi, her self titled Beauty and Fashion Blog.  Debbi has spent most of her career in fashion world at Richards, Bergdorf Goodman and Lord & Taylor. Debbi is currently the “By Appointment” consultant and Brand Ambassador for Giorgio Armani Black Label and writes her blog several times a week. In addition, she is a style contributor to both WAG Magazine and the website Women's Voices for Change. 
A self described, "Girl's Girl", she started DivaDebbi based on her desire to share her secrets with a wider audience. Her honest and humorous reviews caught the attention of social media giants Glam Media, TotalBeautyBeauty Stat and HelloCotton, who now publish her blog on their sites. 

I have been using La Peau Skincare for 5 months now and have blogged about it several times.

 I love the delicious consistency of La Peau.  I love the simplicity of only have to use 3 products to achieve extraordinary results.  I love the tautness and radiant glow I have achieved.  I love getting compliments on my skin. I love having the rosy cheeks of my youth. I love no longer having to use Retin-A and peeling and flaking and most of all, I love sharing La Peau with my friends and readers.

I am somewhat inundated with requests to sample skincare and anti-aging regimes.  I knew the tide had turned when I continued to politely turn them could anything surpass La Peau and why would I risk losing ground by stopping and trying something that was likely inferior?

Nope.  I'm sticking and so are all my friends and readers who have tried it.

I look forward to working closely with sister's Carla-Maria and Irma Khanjian on opening more retail outlets, so that it can be conveniently purchased.  As well, we will be creating a widget so you can purchase La Peau directly from my website.

Stay tuned for future news and in the meanwhile, don't miss reclaiming another day of youthful beauty! 

Don't forget to tell them who sent you...DivaDebbi, Brand Ambassador :)  I think it has a lovely ring to it and naturally, I am deeply honored.



  1. YAY!! Congratulations! Now perhaps you can convince them to make trial sizes for us who want to try the magic!!

  2. Thanks Q. I am so excited! Great suggestion. I will pass it along to Carla-Maria and Irma.

  3. Congrats on the brand ambassador gig! I run an event staffing company because the work really is a lot of fun. Good Luck to you!!



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