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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lash Blast Fusion: The cheap and cheerful mascara of my dreams???

CoverGirl's Lash Blast Fusion ($11)
Sadly, not

As I am now scraping the barrel of yet another tube of Benefit's They're Real Mascara, I find myself on my third attempt at a cheap & cheerful mascara that will give me enough volume and fullness to save myself $24.00.  They're Real is a a great mascara but it's also a real pain to remove.

A few years back, I had a love affair with CoverGirl's Lash Exact. Also housed in a purple tube, it provided full, clean looking lashes for day.  So what if I ran out of it in less than a month?  It was certainly affordable enough to replace as needed.

Then they moved on to Lash Blast and put my once favorite tidy brush on steroids.  The latest incarnation is Lash Blast Fusion, that promises the hybrid benefit of length and volume and a normal sized brush that no longer looked like a turkey drumstick.

As always, I had high hopes for my purchase.  It does apply cleanly, reminding me of my Lash Exact days, but I didn't see any particular surge in length or width.


I took a peek at the reviews on, a wonderful site that relies on the unbiased feedback of makeup junkies who volunteer to review their purchases.  Out of over 600 reviews, Lash Blast received an average of 3.6 out of 5 lipsticks.

The mavens have spoken and this maven agrees.  Glad I saved my CVS receipt...

To be continued.



  1. I am a mascara junkie. I love the original L'Oreal Voluminous but I have recently fallen in love with the L'Oreal False Lashes, in the gold tube. I am always trying new ones but go back to these.

  2. Hi Debbi-Give Revlon 3D Photoready mascara a try.I usually do not care for Revlon mascaras butI have been using this & really liking it.Gives volume,length, separation & you can do 2 coats with no clumping. My friend tried it & also really liked it.

  3. Have you tried Maybelline Falsies? I think it's the best drug store mascara around, I also just discovered Jordana's Best Lash Extreme-Black-WOW, for $2.99 I think this mascara gives Benefits They're Real a true run for it's money!

  4. Hi Girls!

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

    Bringing Beauty to You! I was a burgundy tube Voluminous Girl forever! I did purchase Voluminous False Lashes. I didn't love it. Staring at a brand new tube as we speak. I'll give it another try tomorrow.

    Michelle- Haven't tried Revlon 3D Photoready, but I will upon your suggestion.

    Jan Toor- I do like the Falsies quite a bit! That would be a good one to fall back on . I did try the Falsies Curved and thought that was just a bit of marketing nonsense. I did not see the dramatic cat eye sweep that they promised. Love the Jordana suggestion! Havent seen that in the stores. Where do you purchase it?

    xox to all,



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