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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nyakio ABC African Beauty Cream

Nyakio ABC African Beauty Cream
$39- Available in 5 shades

There's a new beauty cream launching this month and it's not a BB or a CC but an ABC; Nyakio's African Beauty Cream.

Nyakio's brand founder and namesake, is Nyakio Kamoche Greico. Nyakio, is a first generation American of Kenyan descent, whose family included medicine men, farmers and educators.

The brand pays homage to her families heritage and her passion to bring the best of natural African ingredients with highly effective skincare, to women of all skin types and ethnicities.

I am already a fan of Nyakio's Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub, so when my friends at Kaplow PR asked me if I was interested in having a sneek peak at ABC African Beauty Cream, I happily complied.
Nyakio's African Beauty Cream will soon be available in 5 shades, (it is also launching on HSN this month). Though I couldn't see the shades, I asked to receive something that might lean towards something "tan", since I fake bake year round and am not a fan of powdered bronzers.

I received "Cinnamon", the second deepest shade, which is more of a gorgeous honeyed still my heart. Created to, "protect, prime and perfect", I'm always thankful for Broad Sprectum SPF, (in this case 20), as long as it's not thick and chalky.

It's not.

The coverage is billed as "sheer" but thought it provided medium coverage. My skin looked radiant, which I adore, fulfilling Nyakio's promise to leave skin, "smooth, hydrated and youthful looking".

8 hours of wear?  My days are way longer, so I long surpassed that claim, without any touch ups needed.

I can't wait for you to have the opportunity to try Nyakio ABC African Beauty Cream for yourself.  It's coming soon I promise.

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