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Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's National Brow Day

Did you know today is National Brow Day? From Wink Brow Bar to Smashbox, today is a wonderful day to celebrate this wonderful feature with two of the most famous brows – Audrey and Elizabeth!

Their impeccable and lush brows further prove that this trend is here to stay, so lets look at the past to predict the future, as 2014 and now 2015 are definitely going to be the brow years to look forward to, from young ingenues like Lily Collins to Ashley Olsen.

What’s the modern way of shaping and filling in brows to create this lush effect? Look no further than threading, especially such as the West Village’s Wink Brow Bar, which specializes in organic threading. Anti-inflammatory and best for both shaping and growing a lusher set, read below for owner Umbreen Sheikh’s tips and tricks:

On promoting brow hair growth: “Everybody is different in how much their brow grows but you can try the following:

Brush them with an eyebrow brush, always remembering to go upwards and then outwards. Then, moisturize your brows, making sure the hairs aren’t dry. Another thing you can do is to take vitamins, such as B-complex and C.”

On using tools to tame growing out brows: “You can use brow powders or pens to keep your brows filled in during the growing phase. You can also use a non-sticky brow wax. This keeps the hairs pressed back in the right direction on your face, making your brows appear fuller.”
Achieving lush brows can also be as quick as filling them in! Try Smashbox’s Brow Tech  or Wink Brows to Go quad for a lovely and easy look!

I was a late comer to the brow party.  Once I learned the difference between having them groomed professionally, (and no, your local nail salon doesn't count) and how to work with powders, pencils or gels, I couldn't imagine leaving the house "naked". A finished brow definitely frames the face and will make your eyes pop.

Oh, and i think they forgot my brow crush Julianna Margulies.

Who's brows do you covet???


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