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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Buxom Nude Lip Foundation

Buxom Nude Lip Foundation

I finally finished Andrea Q. Robinson's book "Toss the Gloss".  I wrote my preliminary review a few weeks back. (

Had I purchased it in paperback, my copy would be dogeared.  Instead I opted to receive it more quickly by downloading to my Kindle.  Though I "bookmarked" dozens of pages of her product suggestions, nicely offering them at both class and mass price points, I had no clue if I would ever be able to retrieve them...fortunately it was easier than I thought.

One of Ms. Robinson's pet peeves is lipstick shades. Forget red, this is a woman who doesn't even like rosy passed a certain age. Back in the day, when she was President of Ultima II, she was the one who introduced us to "The Nudes", one of the most successful cosmetic launches of all times.

She firmly believes this is the right course for a more youthful appearing mouth.
I am a huge believer in the power of relying on your closest  Gal Pal's for the unvarnished truth.

As such, I asked my friend Monica, (who has become so close to me in the last few months that I call her "Sis"), what she would change about my makeup.  Never one to mince words, she said, "somethings got to lighten up--pick one! Eyes, cheeks or lips..."

I already know I look tired with less eye makeup and wan with less blush, so lips it was.  Kindle in hand, I hit CVS looking for some of her cheap and cheerful suggestions. I bought several (and boy, lemmetellya, that can add up), most of them in the cafe hues she recommends.  Some of her picks may already be discontinued, since they were no where to be found.  She also likes them on the light side.

I tried them all on at home. Nude browns did not look natural on me. They looked deadly.

I am also a big believer in having a relationship  with a couple of trusted, talented makeup artists in the places where you buy most of your cosmetics. I am lucky enough to have two local talents I trust completely in Greenwich , Andi Jablow, Bobbi Brown's makeup artist extraordinaire at Saks, and Ty B. makeup artist at large at Sephora. Both are fantastically talented and make thoughtful recommendations. I trust them implicitly and they, plus my hair stylist Lucas Magnum at Becker Salon, completely get that beauty is individual and has nothing to do with trend.

I was delighted to be a guest at The Family Centers  annual benefit on Saturday night.   Family Centers supports a host of much needed services for children, families and adults in lower Fairfield County. This years theme was Chinatown.

I popped into Sephora to try and find a lipstick that was a little, brighter, with a bit more depth that would hopefully still look "natural", though I would settle for pretty, any day. My stars  must have been aligned, because Ty, who is perpetually booked (and also does event makeup, was free to tweak my makeup!

I told him of my lip dilemma and within 5 seconds he reappeared with Buxom's new Nude Lip Foundation in Cinnamon Pink.


The formula is intended to be long lasting, though it is fairly creamy. It does appear a bit matte,(the other bane of Robinson's existence,) so I do recommend adding a touch of gloss.  On the plus side, I can attest that your cocktail glass will remain spotless.

What it is: 
A lip-toned perfector that defines, smooths, and covers. 

What it does: 
These creamy, long-lasting colors perfectly match your lip tone for a scandalously sexy nude look. They feature a precision lip-defining tip and can be worn alone or under gloss or color to cover minor imperfections and bring out your most luscious lips. 

What it is formulated WITHOUT: 
- Parabens

It will still take a bit of getting used to, but I do agree that this lighter lip looks softer. Andrea Q. wasn't wrong, I just needed to find my nude.  Monica and Ty were also spot on.

When it comes to beauty my lovelies, it truly takes a village. I'm glad I have mine and it's my hope that you think of my blog as part of yours...



  1. Having been in the corporate side of the cosmetic business my entire working life, I can tell you that marketing people aren't beauty experts and Ms. Robinson proves this. Some of her suggestions are bizarre (highlighter on a jawline that is slack; creamy skin-tones should dye their red, etc.) You always look amazing, Debbie so keep trusting your own instincts and mirror!

  2. Thank you Anon,
    So kind of you to say! I like to keep an open mind and certainly hoped to learn from this book, but I think your words are sage! "Trust your own instinct and mirror" rings true and I do believe in honest feedback from besties who have your best interest at heart.




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