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Friday, June 6, 2014

Come to a Spa Event: Equinox Armonk


I love when my beauty stars align; even more so when I'm need of some TLC.  I've been a Personal Shopper for more years than I care to mention.  It can be glam, but there is still an element of schlepping that can't be denied.

The first time my back went "out" was in my twenties.  If you've never experienced the nerve wracking pain of a misaligned disks, I envy you.  When it "goes" it seems to happen doing the mundane; brushing your teeth or bending down to feed a pet.  The reality is that it was building to this point for quite sometime.

People approach back pain differently; hard floors, pain killers, Acupuncturists, Orthopedics are just a few of the options. I work with a Chiropractor and a massage therapist.  I found myself reeling while in NYC on Wednesday, marring a lovely day.  Fortunately, my Chiropractor was available late in the day and after electric stim and contortions that might have made the heroine of 50 Shades of Grey blush, he snapped me back in place.

Even more fortuitous, I received a call  from my Master Therapist and Esthetician Denise Liquore, inviting me to visit her at her new home in the Equinox Spa in Armonk, N.Y.,  and inviting me to come back for their Spa Event on Monday night.

Done and done...

In Denise's forgiving, gentle hands, all the stiffness in my body melted away.  It reminded me that I need this, not just for relaxation, but to keep my soft tissue healthy and less prone to injury.  I also had another epiphany as I lie there; why do I also wait to go on vacation to have a massage? Most of the times, in the hands of a stranger, I am disappointed...the pressure too strong or too light, or drenched in a viscous oil.  I vow to see Denise regularly in the future, and you are all my witnesses.

On Monday June 9th, the spa is having a special open house event from 9:00 to 11:00 am and 6:00-8:00 pm. You are invited to come and to bring friends for complimentary spa services, refreshments and fun!

Here are a few details about the Spa@ Equinox Armonk-

The Spa is open to members and non-members. A non member is a guest of the club with any Spa service, so you can take a class, use the equipment and then enjoy the spa!

It is spacious and beautifully appointed. It is also equipped with a "couples massage" room, so you and your significant other can enjoy the experience together. In addition to massage, they are well equipped to provide a variety of face and body treatments to keep your skin looking cleansed, toned and youthful.

Monday- Thursday 9am-9pm
Friday- 9am- 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am- 6pm

To reserve your spot at the event, please RSVP  Denise Liquore, Spa Coordinator at

Don't you deserve a little pampering too???

xox,     P.S. Dad's enjoy pampering too! Why not purchase a massage 
DD              package for Father's Day?  Purchase 3/50 minute massages
                   and they will all be upgraded to 80 minutes!  Sounds fab to
                   me...Have you ever wanted a massage to end???

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