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Thursday, June 12, 2014

TotalBeauty's Faux Glow Tutorial

Everyday I am besieged with emails from publicists asking me to share step by step makeup hair and makeup how-to's as worn on the Red Carpet.

The looks, though often beautiful, are created by top hair and makeup artists.  They are complicated, require expertise and lets face face facts; just because it looked flawless on Angie, Jennifer or J.Lo, it doesn't have a thing to do with you or me.

I think TotalBeauty does a fabulous job with their online makeup tutorials...why? They keep it simple.

I liked this one on how to fake glowing skin...we can all use a helping hand on a morning when sleep evades. I thought it was worth sharing and so I am...

Fake your way to glowing skin with this tutorial
The Dewy Makeup Tutorial You Need Now
This is a Makeup article
Everyone wants glowing skin -- but sometimes your face just won't cooperate, no matter how many products you slather on. Fake it till you make it with this step-by-step tutorial. It's sure to become your new everyday look for spring.

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