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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Big Book of Chic by Miles Redd

The Big Book of Chic

Yesterday I received the most divine Xmas gift from one of my favorite friends and clients, The Big Book of Chic by Miles Redd.

Miles Redd is a N.Y.C. based Interior Designer whose aesthetic runs the gamut from bold and glamorous to modern whimsy. Strong color, lacquered surfaces, tufted velvet and touches of animal prints are woven magically into his designs.  They are heavenly.

As I lounged in bed this morning feasting on it, with a large cup of coffee on my bedside table, I felt as if instead,  I would have done Redd's work more justice in a satin bed jacket with a silver tray bedecked in Hermes china afoot.

As L.G. and I mused through The Big Book of Chic in my office, we both admired the bedroom in the set above and how divine it would be to have a fur throw like the one featured.

I also included a charming Lucite handbag, that was featured in my friend Q.'s fabulous Lifestyle blog Quintessence.  Q.'s sister recently was in Amsterdam and visited the Museum of Bags and Purses.  Yes Darlings,
this sublime place does truly exist and she treated us to some images of the amazing treasures housed there.

I dedicate this blog and Polyvore set to these two incredibly stylish ladies who bring joy, friendship and beauty to my life with lots of love and my best wishes for a Happy, Health New Year.



  1. Thank you so much!! I adore Miles and have had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions - he is charming, debonair and oozing with understated retro-glam chic. And yes, the Museum of Bags and Purses will definitely be on the must-visit list for next trip to Amsterdam! Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best for a happy, healthy and successful 2013!! xo

  2. I was sure Miles would be on your radar Q. How lucky you are to have met him! I so loved that post about the Museum of Bags and Purses. That is my idea of a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best, always.




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