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Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 4 DivaDebbi's Holiday Giveaways:Beautiful Brows

Danielle Sampieri
On the Fourth Day of Xmas, DivaDebbi gave to me:

The gift of perfect brows!  Danielle Sampieri, my beautiful brow guru, was the first person to school me in the importance of facing the world each day with groomed and defined brows.

At the time, I was quite obsessed with Juliana Margulies eyebrows. Her glamorous arches mesmerized me. Why couldn't my brows look that good? Certainly, my bi-annual waxing visits at my nail salon were not doing me any beauty favors.

I first met Danielle at the Brow Bar at Bloomingdales.  Her first edict? "Humans aren't plucked, chickens are"...Alrighty then. She then scrubbed up like a surgeon, surveyed my brows at length and then got down to business. Twenty minutes later, phase one was completed.

Danielle then instructed me on the importance of brow wax and filler, where my arch should peak and how creating more of a "tail" would create the appearance of a wider arch. She also reminded me that we are 3 dimensional, but out reflection in the mirror is not, so to compensate, you must turn your head sideways to work on the outer areas.
Today, I would no more leave the house without my brows groomed, than leave without lipstick.  It may take an extra minute or two, but it's the cherry on the sundae of a finished face.

The brow bar at Salon Savior in White Plains, NY
Danielle has now moved on to a new location. Salon Savior in White Plains, N.Y. (195 East Post Rd. 914-761-9292) has created a brow bar in their space, to service the legions of loyal Danielle followers.

Brow services start at $25 for waxing and $30 for tweezing.  For this giveaway, you will receive a 20% discount  on your first brow service with Danielle, simply by mentioning DivaDebbi.

Apologies to those of you who are not within traveling distance to White Plains, because Danielle's work is more than worth the trip.  

Happy Holidays and beautiful brows to all!


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