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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Man Up

The Style Section of today's New York Time's, featured and article on, "imperfection correctors" for men...which is code for makeup.  Rest assured, no one is trying to, "enhance their beauty", the goal of these products is only to "mask problems".  What-evah!  One thing is for sure, it's a segment of the cosmetics industry that is experiencing explosive growth, mostly via the Internet.  Last years sales hit 4.8 billion dollars!!!

Primarily, the engine fueling sales is  skin care; exfoliators, cleansers, masques,toners, pore refiners, anti-aging eye and face creams, self-tanners and tinted moisturizers...ya know, the usual.   Companies like Menaji and the pricier 4V00,  also offer concealers, "shine" powders, brow sculpting pens, guyliners, tinted lip balms and bronzers.  Business is booming.

I checked out both websites, and naturally I am intrigued and curious about the differences between "imperfection correctors"  created for men and the "imperfection correctors" women have been slapping on for the last 100 years or so.  Why do I have a sinking suspicion, that somehow they will be more effective and less expensive???  For the same reason, that a men's V-neck cashmere sweater is $250 and a nearly identical women's version is $600.  For the same reason that men's can color their grey hair in 5 minutes flat, and we are tethered to a chair for close to an hour, to achieve the same result. 

I don't know girls, it's gotta make you wonder....Is your man double dipping?  Are they secretly slipping on a little man-tan and concealer, when we are not looking...and if so, is that a bad thing???  I think so!...go buy your own.



  1. hahaha Great post! And I feel products made for man tend to be BETTER too. hm! :D

  2. Thanks Renata! I think one of the reason men are always so aghast about how much we spend on clothes, is because we they don't know we are paying 3x what they are, for similar things...urggghh!!!

    Side bar to PR reps from these firms: I would be delighted to give them a whirl and report back...Contact me.



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