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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hands Down

Last week was crazier than usual...Between work, Fashion Week, Physical Therapy (it's amazing that I have spared y'all the saga of my fractured elbow and foot.  Suffice to say, as I enter week 5 in flats, I am not a happy camper), a committee meeting for a fundraiser I am Chairing and back-to-school obligations, I literally, didn't have a second to spare.  For the first time in my life, I had to scoot out of  a nail salon, without even a coat of clear!!!  By the light of dawn the next day, I was amazed to realize I liked how my nails looked sans polish.  Remarkable.  I swear  my hands look younger, but, that may be the result of a new product I am using on them too...

When I put out my A.P.B., that I was looking for effective anti-aging products for my body, I did hear from a number of companies.  Naturally, my response was, "bring it", (and hint, without shame, that my Fed Ex fellow is happy to leave packages at the door).

Reviva Labs contacted me, to tell me about there extensive face and body treatments.  Reviva is a 37 year old company that provides product to salons and spas internationally and Health Food stores, (which is why the logo looked familiar).  They offer a staggering array of well priced products, that you can purchase online.  Many of them contain the same ingredients as the effective but pricey cosmeceutical line by Dr. Nicholas Perricone.  Ingredients like DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester, Hyaluronic Acid, are staples in both lines.  Reviva also explains how to "layer" and alternate products to achieve maximum results.  They generously sent me several products to test, but the one they were most excited about was their  Essential Fatty Acid EFAs Cream for Thin Delicate Skin.  EFAs Cream, won the prestigious, "Skin Care Innovator of the Year",  by the "Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers Distribution Association".

As we age,  the loss of essential fatty acids from our skin cells, leads to thin dry skin.  EFAs Cream, was proven to not only prevent thin skin, but to treat it as well.  I couldn't wait to try it on my hands.  After two weeks of continuous use, morning and night, I do see a significant improvement in my hands.  They look plumper and more youthful...a vast improvement.

Now, if someone can just figure out a way to strip those unsightly, ropey, baby asparagus veins, without my blowing an artery, I won't just Blog about it.  I'll become their National between my other gigs.



  1. I am almost out of my various skin care items, but when I do, Riviva products are on my must try these now list.

  2. I am also using their Collagen and Elastin firming body cream and their Alpha Lipoic and Olive Oil Hand and Body Lotion. Both are OUTSTANDING!!! I will be buying them...

    Thanks for commenting!




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