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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Remember when you were a kid and you lost an eyelash?  Some one would point it out and gently remove it, so you could make a wish.   I know I never gave it a second thought...not so now.  Whenever I remove my eye makeup and lose one or two, I'm a little cranky.  Who knows how long it takes to whip out a new one?

I've never loved anything that I have used to remove my eye makeup.  Have you?   When I was contacted by Lierac Paris, about their new eye makeup remover Diopti Demaq, a, "Gentle Eye Makeup Remover that  Strengthens eyelashes",  I was all eyes  ears, to learn more. 

Diopti Demaq is a crystal clear gel, that gently removes makeup and best of all, does not leave a dreaded oily film on and in my eyeballs.  In addition, clinical studies have shown that natural ingredients like Rose and Cornflower Water, Linden and Mallow Extractions, Keratin and Vitamin B5, "calms, softens, hydrates and most importantly, in my book, boosts growth!  It is also paraben and alcohol-free.

Diopti Demaq is a little pricey.   A 100ml tube costs $24 and is available at both CVS and Duane Reade and online at  Do I think this innovative product is worth paying more for?   Yes, especially if it lives up to it's promises...wishful thinking.


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