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Thursday, May 29, 2008

"I'll Have What She's Having"....Maybe

Well, of course I got the skinny on S.A.T.C from Linda...the movie is fab and funny, clothes, TO DIE FOR, and all the girls look really, really good. The MOMA party afterwards was a straight man's paradise...women dressed to slither in a shoe fest that did Monsieur's Blahnik and Laboutin proud. I'm over it...kind of.

Moving on to skin care...By now y'all know how much I relish a good infomercial. Same friend Linda and I have been in lockstep over the years with our "must haves". We have dabbled in Sicily, slathered in Perricone, worshipped at the Prevage altar, worshipped at the faux Prevage altar (Do It Yourself compounds from "Skin-Care Essentials' on Ebay), and both still have some favorites left over from our Arbonne Nutrimin C days (Linda loves the eye creme, I am still tethered to the day creme).

Saturday mornings are my favorite time to troll for infomercials (kids today don't know how lucky they are to have this as an option...anyone else remember "Modern Farmer")? A couple of weeks ago, I came close to pulling the trigger on Victoria Principal's "Reclaim". Do I care that she looks like she is being photographed through a tube sock??? The woman's skin looks terrific! Two days later, Linda is thumbing through her kit at work... She likes it, lots, and is having a love fest with the neck creme. I am almost there...but now I can wait for her to get through her 30 Day, (Bottom of the jar guaranteed) trial period for a full report.

This past Saturday, I happened upon Cindy Crawford's, "Resurgence", created in conjunction with famed Parisian Dermatologist Dr. Jean-Louis Serbagh (Madonna's skin Daddy). OHHHHH!!!!... This has ears are perked and I haven't even had coffee yet. Cindy is a pretty girl, but Dr. JLS involvement is what sold me. I have been reading about his handiwork for years. So, I ordered. And I called, "within the next 18 minutes" and got a bonus and an upgrade to Priority Shipping. (Yah, like this ever expires)...I will be sitting on my front steps waiting for the UPS man with a little gift.

But, uggghhhh!!!! This morning!!! Things were running late in my household, so I woke up to chef breakfast. Hopped back in bed with a cup of coffee and there was Joan Lunden, hawking Dr. Howard Murad's, "Resurgence". Did I jump too fast? Should I be taking my cues from the post menopausal set, or trying to rewind???

Soooooooooo many choices... I got to thinking, "wouldn't "Rewind" be a perfect name for a skin care line"? Somebody must have had the same epiphany... So, I Google it and there it is...Anyone ever hear of Dr. Michelle Copeland? My head is spinning...



  1. aha!!! didn't take long for you to be discovered by a savvy marketing exec...what a smart cookie to recognize your talent!
    okay ....what's this new nail polish called...let's get the spelling down!
    Cannot believe you didn't get to go to the premiere, you would have outshined all with your glam!

  2. Thanks Sweetie,
    Hoping my rewards will be greater than Ivory Snow flakes. Sounds like fun to me!
    Just got back from seeing SATC with the girls...NY Times did such a hatchet job! LIGHTEN the Puck up!
    It was ADORABLE.

    I think I do have the spelling down. Mulchi Gulchi Punch first (and if I blew it, it's time to pick up some reading glasses on my next CVS run), followed with it.

    Miss you!!





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